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Heartstone is a group of true craftsmen in the noblest sense of the word.

Specializing in… Commercial Building / Modular Pavements / Concrete Pavers / Historic Restoration / Natural Stone / Retaining Walls / Erosion Control & Channel Improvement / Sealers / Custom Metal / Concrete & Asphalt Recycling / House and Building Demolition

Commercial Building

Heartstone is the ideal choice for your commercial building project. We began life as Kirby Jantz Construction in 1970, working on commercial building projects. As we’ve grown from a hands-on, commercial building and masonry company through to today’s multi-trade civil projects, we’ve held on to a stubborn streak of craftsmanship and best-in-industry worksite management.

But we’re not the bragging type. Though we manage multi-million-dollar projects, you’ll find us the same southwest Kansas craftsmen we’ve always been. Bonded, buttoned-up and accountable, but easy to talk to, easy to work with, and yes, easy on your budget. And we insist on that from our contractors as well.

Here are just a few of our more recent examples of milestone (bonded) projects:

2005 River Corridor – City of Wichita, KS, $1,035,000

2009 Ellsworth Streetscape, City of Ellsworth, KS, $793,000

2013 37th St Streetscape, City of Wichita, KS,   $440,000

2016 Bill Snyder Family Stadium Renovations, Manhattan, KS, $1,349,000

2016 to 2019 Tulsa Gathering Place, Site Amenities and Fencing Package, Tulsa OK, $4.3 million

Modular Pavers

Pavers are built to endure the extremes without expanding, shifting or lifting. Four times stronger than concrete and ten to twenty times stronger than asphalt, pavers offer the most durable and longest lasting of any hardscape material. Pavers are easy to clean and maintain. Each paver is consistent in size to produce a flat surface, making snow removal or fall sweeping a snap. Choose from textures including beveled edges for a timeless beauty. Heartstone offers one of a kind custom hardscaping design. There’s an almost endless number of colors, shapes, sizes and textures to suit projects of any style, from classic to modern. Heartstone is also experienced in mechanical laying and with our Optimas mechanical layer offer shorter installation times and cost-savings for larger projects like parking lots, streets, malls and plazas. When you work with the Heartstone artisans, you are guaranteed something special. We are fully insured, liscensed & certified by the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute.

Concrete Breaking, Demo and Removal

We will break and haul off your commercial concrete or asphalt parking lots, slabs, walls, highway pavements, driveways, and sidewalks. We are based in Wichita, Kansas but travel across the Midwest with our mobile recycling plant.

Concrete Recycling

Recycling concrete and asphalt makes a lot of good sense, environmentally and economically. Recycling old parking lots and roads helps preserve landfill space while yielding a wealth of viable aggregates. Give us your piles of asphalt, concrete and rock and we'll return them to you as valuable aggregates to be used as base gravels, building pads, structural fills and backfill. Aside from recycling your existing piles of rubble, we are also able to demolish everything from buildings to airport runways. Our machine, the Kolberg-Pioneer RT 4250 Track Recycling Plant is powered by a 400 hp diesel engine with full hydraulic controls, has a vibrating screen that lets us produce up to three products simultaneously, and a cross-belt magnet for removing trash metals like steel rebar. It can receive material as large as 2 feet in diameter and crush into any size, as fine as 3/4" minus.

Beautiful Work

Since 1986 we have been making beautiful spaces. The proof is in the hundreds of thousands of square feet of hardscaping seen in cities and towns across Kansas and Oklahoma.


From the level of organization and planning at the approach, to the efficiency and master craftsmanship throughout the project, we will set your project apart from the competition, by being done right and on time.


Not a start up company, or a landscaper with a sideline, we are a group of true tradesmen in the best sense of the word, and our multiple experienced crews give us the flexibility to be on your project when you want us there.

Bonding Capacity

When your project owner or insurance company requires it, we can provide a performance and payment bond with ease.

We proudly offer a no-obligation consultation and are glad to help you navigate your way through your recycling project or the almost limitless choice of colors, shapes, sizes and textures of pavers and help you get ideas for your hardscaping project. Put our ingenuity to work on your project.