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Manager and Director of Operations, Recycling Division

This position will involve:

I. Job preparation -- set up.
● Be responsible for the prioritizing of jobs within the schedule. Mobilize machinery and labor accordingly. Make adjustments resulting from a delay in another contractor’s schedule or a weather delay.
● Assist in transport of equipment (coordinate with company president and truck drivers).
● Be familiar with scope of work for each job and communicate it to operators.
● Identify potential hazards and special care items that operators should be made aware of.
● Anticipate potential problems and identify potential time- saving or cost-saving opportunities.
● Identify items that will require extra quality- control management. Make a plan to help the crew control the quality.
● Coordinate with the company president to establish production goals. Make a plan with the operators to make daily production goals.

II. Project supervision -- up to 2 projects at a time.
● Be available to help solve problems and monitor production through job duration. Coordinate materials measurements, afterwards, with project owner or contractor.
● Make sure operators are familiar with all project information. Offer suggestions for efficient job execution.
● Be available to answer questions of owner or contractor, offer sample materials, or to clarify things for the operator.
● Record keeping- make sure crew leaders are recording daily job information including hours, tasks performed, quantities produced, etc.
● Help monitor machinery or vehicle maintenance needs. Notify the mechanic or Chad or Kirby. Supply diesel as necessary.
● Contact and interview new hires.
● Facilitate invoicing and collection of payment.

III. Sales
● Maintain and service a current customer data base. Make update entries as necessary.
● Make new contacts through networking, relationships, cold calls, etc. Actively search for sales opportunities.
● Generate or initiate marketing and/ or sales material and media such as brochures, advertisements, e-mails, etc. as necessary.
● Provide good follow up service after the initial inquiry.
● Deliver any requested proposal or any other such information requested.
● Maintain appropriate records of sales such as total annual sales, capture ratio, most effective sales methods, etc.
● Organize and execute demonstrations (dog and pony shows) as necessary to generate sales.

IV. Estimating/ bidding
● Acquire and organize all relevant job information, including prompt proposal delivery deadline. Establish a job folder, hard copy and electronic.
● List all projected labor, material, equipment, rentals and supplies costs that will apply.
● Gather all relevant market information and other variables that will affect pricing strategy.
● Coordinate with company president to establish desired margin of profit.
● Produce a professionally finished proposal letter to meet Heartstone standards and make it available for delivery.

The following is a list of items that will be assessed when your job performance is being reviewed when being considered for a raise in pay:

● Dependability/ responsibility. People in our company and outside of our company know they can go to you to solve a problem or get something done.
● Willingness to work. Will work even in a labor position to help get a job done on time, or to start a job, alone, in order to keep a promise - for example.
● Skills in managing and directing employees. Knowledge of what motivates people in a respectful way. Skill in resolving conflict.
● Skills in training others and developing skills. The ability to teach in a way that others respond well to.
● Foresight or anticipation of potential hazards/ problems - and prevent them. This skill is developed with experience and awareness.
● Teachability. Willingness to take instruction. Willingness to improve on personal weaknesses.
● Communication skills and effort in keeping your team members and customers informed.
● Optimism. Determination to see the bright side of things. Keep things positive.
● Flexible: Adapt to frequent change. Willingness to do various tasks.
● Contribution to overall organization of the company.
● Represents the company well. Projects an image of helpfulness and professionalism.
● Contribution to overall profitability of company. Works with diligence and produces cost-saving ideas.
● Resourcefulness and innovation in problem solving on the job.
● Enforcement of crew leader record keeping: daily time cards, job.
● Personal character and integrity.

Please mail in your resume or bring it by our office.

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