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Crew Leader

This position will involve:

I. Job planning -- pre-start preparation.
● Obtain a project execution folder. (coordinate with the scheduler or estimator)
●Become familiar with project drawings, quantities, production goals, and special instructions or details.
●Be prepared to assist in adjustments resulting from a delay in another contractor’s schedule or a weather delay.
●Be prepared to assist in transport of material or equipment, smaller quantities - such as your truck will carry (coordinate with scheduler and other truck drivers) Gather any special tools necessary (sign them out of the tool garage)
● Be familiar with scope of work and drawings. Clarify with the homeowner or contractor and Heartstone’manager.
● Identify potential hazards and special care items that crewmembers should be made aware of.
● Anticipate potential problems and identify potential time- saving or cost-saving opportunities.
●Identify items that will require extra quality- control management. Make a plan to help the crew control the quality.
● Coordinate with the manager or superintendent to establish production goals. Make a plan for daily production goals.

II. Labor management
● Apply training and education whenever possible to general laborers and skilled labor - Help individuals develop their skills and become the best that they can be.
- Apply patience while training, yet be firm or strict when necessary.
- Assist in discipline when necessary, coordinate with management.
- Assist in the development of systems and processes for everything we do. Coordinate with management. (systems and processes are a written description --a prescribed method)
● Make sure crew members are familiar with project information. Communicate goals and ideas for efficient job execution.
● Communicate to superintendent any employee issues. (Absences, tardies, problems in cooperation, attitudes, or outstanding performances) Be prepared to assist in job performance reviews and hiring interviews for laborers.
● Help monitor machinery or vehicle maintenance needs. Notify the mechanic or management.
● Be available to resolve employee disputes. Coordinate with management if necessary.
● Manage your individual inventory of tools and supplies that you carry in the tool truck.

III. Safety
● Participate and contribute to weekly safety meetings.
● Maintain an accessible list of general jobsite safety items. Conduct job specific safety meetings with your crew. Train new hires in safety.
● Be prepared in case of accident. Fill out accident report.

IV. Project execution/ production.
● Be aware of production goals and be responsible to accomplish them to the best of your abilities. If goals have not been given to you, ask for them. Make note on daily sheet any difficulties that have slowed production.
● Be prepared for specialty work, or tasks that require special skills. Be prepared to keep record of hours and task duration, and quantities installed and note them on daily detail sheet.
● Be prepared to execute out of town projects as necessary.
● Be responsible for final inspection/clean up.
● Be prepared to complete punch list items.
● Record keeping- record daily job information including hours, tasks performed, quantities installed, etc. on daily job report sheet. Don’t wait til next day, fill them out daily while numbers are fresh in your mind.

The following is a list of items that will be assessed when your job performance is being reviewed when being considered for a raise in pay.
● Dependability/ responsibility. Provide a good example of being on time and handling responsibility.
● Skills in managing and instructing employees. Knowledge of what motivates people in a respectful way. Skill in resolving conflict.
● Skills in training others and developing skills. The ability to teach in a way that others respond well to.
● Foresight or anticipation of potential hazards/ problems - and prevent them. This skill is developed with experience and awareness.
● Teachibility. Willingness to take instruction. Willingness to improve on personal weaknesses.
● Communication skills and effort in keeping your team members and customers informed.
● Optimism. Determination to see the bright side of things. Keep things positive.
● Flexible: Adapt to frequent change. Willingness to do various tasks.
● Organization and maintenance of tool inventory. Care for truck and equipment.
● Contribution to overall organization of the company.
● Represents the company well. Projects an image of helpfulness and professionalism.
● Contribution to overall profitability of company. Works with diligence and produces cost-saving ideas.
● Resourcefulness and innovation in problem solving on the job.
● Record keeping: daily time cards, job details.

Please fill out an application and bring it in.

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