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Brick and Paving Laborer

This position will involve:

I. Responsibilities:
● Respond well to instructions given by a team leader and/or Heartstone manager.
● Provide dependable and on-time service. Communicate any anticipated absences from work. A phone call is expected if an accident or emergency prevents you from arriving at work on time. If a list of important Heartstone phone numbers is not provided you, ask for one.
● Be familiar with scope of work on each job and what the expected production goal is each day. If the team leader does not identify the goal, ask . . .
● Follow safety policies. Identify potential hazards on the job and special care items that crewmembers should be aware of. If a weekly jobsite safety meeting is not conducted by team leader on each Monday, ask for one.
● Anticipate potential problems and identify potential time- saving or cost-saving opportunities.
f. Strive to develop skills to make yourself more valuable to the Heartstone team.
● Handle Heartstone property with care and respect. Clean up after yourself (cab of work truck.) Take care of company tools, equipment and vehicles.
● As an employee, you are a company representative. Maintain respectful behavior and appearance towards other employees, management, other contractors, clients, and anyone else you come into contact with during the work day.

II. Examples of tasks:
● Transfer of materials (blocks, bricks, stone, gravel, sand, concrete, etc) by hand or wheelbarrow. – or by machine, if trained. . .
● Excavation by pick and shovel.
● Skilled work, if capable: measuring, marking, cutting materials, machine operating, glueing and adhering materials, drilling holes, alignment and layout, setting grade stakes, greasing equipment.

The following is a list of items that will be assessed when your job performance is being reviewed when being considered for a raise in pay:
● Dependability/ responsibility. Provide a good example of being on time and handling responsibility.
● Ability to learn and develop skills – job related. . .
● Foresight or anticipation of potential hazards/ problems - and prevent them. This skill is developed with experience and awareness.
● Teachibility. Willingness to take instruction. Willingness to improve on personal weaknesses.
● Follows company safety policies.
● Optimism. Determination to see the bright side of things. Keep things positive.
● Flexible: Adapt to frequent change. Willingness to do various tasks.
● Represents the company well. Projects an image of helpfulness and professionalism.
● Endurance.

Please fill out an application and bring it in.

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Heartstone Inc. is locally owned and operated by the Jantz family; Kirby, Cheryl and their son Chad. Kirby Jantz started as a brick, block, and stone mason more than 40 years ago.


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