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A company with heart and ethics.

About Heartstone

In 1986, Chad Jantz teamed up with his master stonemason father, Kirby Jantz, and together they formed Heartstone and began specializing in "dry-lay" brick and stone paver surfaces. Heartstone offered brick plazas, streets and walls that surpassed expectations and set new standards for what could be acheived in the revitalization of midwestern cities. The company grew steadily and became industry leaders in permeable pavers, segmental retaining walls, natural stone walls, and roof pavers. They have earned a solid reputation among area builders, contractors, architects, engineers, and city officials that continues to this day.

Our Mission

To design and build more beautiful, enduring environments and monuments. We will accomplish that by maintaining the highest levels of integrity, honesty and craftsmanship in our work and by establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients while providing them extraordinary service.

Why Choose Us

A person's environment makes his character. And Chad is committed to honoring the legacy that Kirby began more than 40 years ago. The proof is in the hundreds of thousands of square feet of hardscaping seen at places like Gateway Main and the Keeper of the Plains in Wichita.

Who We Are


Kirby Jantz, CEO

Kirby began his career at the age of 18 in Western Kansas as a mason's apprentice, where he learned quickly, embracing and mastering his craft. Believing that the education of a man is never complete, Kirby approaches all aspects of life as an opportunity to learn. When he was introduced to pavers more than 20 years ago through PaveStone, he was quick to recognize the rare artistic opportunities to design with the range of shapes and colors that were available. He seized the opportunity with all his might and has never looked back.


Chad Jantz, President

A licensed General contractor and founding partner in Heartstone, Inc., Chad does whatever is necessary for the smooth operation of Heartstone. From managing crews, calculating bids to designing installations, he makes sure everything is on-time and on-budget and that clients are happy with their projects. A man accustomed to the idea of industry, even when Chad is not working, he is working.


Cheryl Jantz, Administrative Officer

Cheryl makes sure things at Heartstone run as they should, often performing what seem like miracles to the rest of us, managing daily operations and budgets and pointing to the place on her desk where the buck stops.


Tom White, Director of Operations

Tom has the responsibility to manage sales, estimate, manage projects and supervise field projects. Tom has a 30 year history in construction and field sales. He takes pride in planning and executing your project in an efficient and professional manner. No matter the size or complexity, he treats each job with the upmost importance.